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Blaha Elina S OD

Dr. Elina Blaha & Associate Optometrists

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Your eye pressure will be tested with a puff of air by tonometer to determine for the presence of glaucoma.


Glaucoma is usually caused by increased pressure in the eye. A common form occurs in middle age and it's vital that it be caught early. Early diagnosis can prevent permanent damage.

After a few questions about your general health, your vision exam will involve a check of your close and distance vision.


You'll be asked to read charts with random letters of the alphabet. Other aspects of your sight will be tested as well - depth perception, peripheral, and color perception. We diagnose and treat near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia (the need for bifocals), and eye alignment problems.

Your vision exam

Call now for your vision exam. Most insurances accepted.



 -  You may need a new prescription

 -  Your eyes change with age

 -  You may have glaucoma in your family

 -  Eye exams may detect other problems

 -  Adults should get them at 2-year intervals

 -  Adults older than 60 need annual exams

 -  You're experiencing dry eyes

 -  You suffer from allergies

Why get a vision exam?

Regular vision exams are a part of your overall health care. No matter who you are or even if you've never had any problems with your eyes, you'll benefit with regular exams. Exams not only catch eye problems early, but can also help to detect other problems like diabetes.

Your eyes are important to you