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Blaha Elina S OD

Dr. Elina Blaha & Associate Optometrists

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While it may seem like more health care you don't need or want - believe it - exams and  tests can make a difference in uncovering future problems not only with your vision but with other aspects of your health.


It's amazing at how many people skip this important diagnostic tool!

If you have symptoms such as itchiness, swelling, or other complaints, make an appointment right away. You'll need treatment and instructions about how to eliminate these symptoms.


If you suffer from diabetes, you can get your diabetic eye care and check ups here. Your diabetes can be co-managed with your primary care physician.

Health care with an eye focus

Your eye doctor can see problems before they arise. Call now


Your medical eye exam can be crucial

 - A complete exam can relieve problems

 - A medical eye exam may help determine a serious systemic disease such as diabetes, chronic eye disease, macular degeneration, or glaucoma

 - Your eye health is part of your overall health

 - Medical eye exams are usually covered by health insurance


A multitude of benefits from just an hour of your time

You'll want to be seen by a doctor. Besides, pink eye aka conjunctivitis is infectious and can spread rapidly. But other problems may mean that medical attention as soon as possible is warranted. Remember that early detection can save your health and money, too.

Whether it's a simple case of pink eye or something else


We diagnose and treat the following medical eye problems:


    • Allergies

    • Cataracts

    • Dry Eye

    • Glaucoma

    • Macular Degeneration

    • Corneal Abrasions

    • Foreign body removal

    • Eye infection